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The Animals Escape!

By Sam

On a revolting Tuesday morning Sam was at school dropping off his kids. His phone rang. It was Steve, a person from the zoo. He said, “All of the animals from the zoo have escaped!”

The elephant pushed a tree down and it hit the gate. Then the elephants ran down the road. Then Sam had to put them back in their enclosures. He chased them on a motorbike and herded them back to the zoo. All of the monkeys climbed up a tree, swung on vines and jumped over the fence. Then Sam had to capture them with a net. Then all of the tigers escaped by digging a hole underneath the fence. Sam got some meat and chucked it back in the tiger enclosure and then he fixed the fence.

The next day Sam met Steve at the school and they talked to each other. The next day Sam saw Steve again at the airport. Sam was going to Australia for a holiday. He was sick of capturing animals and he needed a break.

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What Readers Had To Say


Cheesy Mouse
14 Mar 10 00:49:40

Great Story. I like the character Sam.



14 Dec 09 21:48:21

very funny that the animals escaped from the zoo!