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Soccer Speech

By JackNZ


There’s 5 minutes left in the soccer match C.T.K vs. Merrin.
The score is C.T.K 7, Merrin 5.
Jack has a shot at the goal the crowd is off their seats.
Soccer is an enjoyable sport which I love playing and watching.
In my speech I’m going to cover
-how to get into soccer
-main points
–history on soccer
-reasons why I like soccer
I’m going to convince you that soccer is a great sport and hopefully you might give it a go yourself.

Here’s how to get into soccer,
Try out at your school, home or if you’re good enough try at a local sporting club.
I play it a lot around home/school.
If yov’e never played it before here are some
Points how to play it better

1. kick the ball not anyone else
2. kick the ball into the goal
3. wear the correct gear for example-boots
4. Use feet not hands! (but goalie uses both)
5. if goalie defend the goal by trying to not
Let the ball through the goal
6. HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason why I love soccer it’s a great game to keep up your fitness, a fun game and it’s exciting.

Soccer began in the 1800’s in England, but it wasn’t until the 1900’s that the first game was introduced at the Olympics.
In 1991 the women were finally allowed to play on a professional level when the women’s cup was introduced.
Soccer has become increasingly more popular in the last 30 years and it’s the worlds leading sports.
There are nearly 3 million kids between 5 and 19 playing soccer.
As you can see through the history, soccer is an enjoyable sport which lots of people love including me.
By way of conclusion I’d just like to say get out there and give it a go!

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What Readers Had To Say


Cheesy Mouse
23 May 10 04:52:33

Great speech! I like the beggining.