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Sam's Diary

By Cheesy Mouse

2nd July 2012

Today was the most amazingly, extravaganticaly, wonderfully horrible day.
Well first of all, I was trying to sleep when a little rabbit started tickling my nose. He was a beastly creature and quite rude too, so I tried to chase him away. Probably the fastest I’ve ran in my life, actually.
But suddenly I smacked into a fence. The fence that no matter how hard I try I can never get passed. I can’t do anything about it and those humans don’t seem to either. Maybe they are a much trapped as we are.
So naturally the rabbit could fit under the fence, and he got away.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, then, I was lazing in the sun waiting for my meat treat that my keeper always brings me when he walked in empty handed! Yes, can you believe it, empty handed!
He came over and said to me “I know that you probably can’t understand this Sam, but there wasn’t enough meat for the tigers and I’m sorry but they come first.
So I chased him out of the cage. Gave him quite a fright I think.
My meat treat going to the tiger ‘because they come first.’ Well I never!

So I lay down tired and hungry and still grieving over my rabbit.

Sorry I have to go, my keeper is coming and I think that it would give him an even bigger fright if he saw me writing in a diary!

The Lion

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