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How Is Natural Gas Extracted?

By The Bomb

Natural gas is a mixture of gases that have different properties.
Once the natural gas is found, the gas company has to get permission from the government and from the land owners, to drill at the site. The hole is drilled with an auger drill which is 0-2000 feet long. The hole is then lined with a long pipe that stops water leaking into the holes and from caving in.
Another pipe is then inserted into the lining of the hole which carries the natural gas from below the earth to the surface. The natural gas won’t be necessarily pumped out because gas is lighter than air so gradually it will rise to the top. For faster extraction a horse head pump is sometimes used for gas and oil.
A wellhead is attached to the top once the lining is properly installed. It is able to withstand 20000 psi. The wellhead has a valve at the side so gas can be extracted when ready.
Beside the wellhead is a monitoring system called the Christmas tree. It is made up of many pipes, valves and computers, to track the amount of pressure building up inside the hole. Also it can control amounts of water acid and gases that can be injected into the pipe to make the natural gas run more smoothly out of the valve. This is to prevent disaster.

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