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My Motorbike Adventures

By Ski Field

Here are some of the adventures on my motor bike over the last couple of years.

One day I was motor biking with my brother Will and my brother’s friend Myles. We were going over the jumps then I turned off the jumps onto the flat then I saw Myles coming straight towards me “Arh” boom Myles and I had a head on collision. I did a front flip over the handle bars and my arm got run over. We laughed, got back on our motor bikes and rode off.

Last year on a hunting trip, but we also went motor biking with my Dad, Will, my brother’s friend Ross and friends of ours. We had to go over some roads to get there, we went along on a dusty and muddy track until we got to a river. No my bike might not make it across so Will has to ride my bike across and my Dad takes me on his. I jump back on my bike and go through some more rivers till we get back to the road.
A few days ago I went on my first trail ride. The party included my Dad my Brother, my brother’s friend Ross and Ross’s Dad. We had to go all the way to Geraldine. We had to get all the motorbikes off the trailer. We let my brother, Ross and Ross’s Dad go in front me and Dad. I was going great up the steep hills until I pulled a wheely up a hill and fell off the back. I was fine my Dad went passed me then came back down and rode my bike up the hill. We kept going over the scary, sharp stones, up and down, then we went through some rivers and then to the finish.

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