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Life Jacket

By Golf Geek

Finally after three years, it was my time to shine. It was time for me to be a hero and a companion. My whole life, I’ve been stored in a stinky old cupboard underneath an antique couch, and I still haven’t got used to it.

Being a life jacket is rather easy, well for me anyway. We all the heard the boat creak and shake. Then we heard something. I thought I could hear Tangaroa roaring. Suddenly, a light shone on our faces as the cupboard was flung open.

I was so excited. My parents would be so proud. And I was ready for anything. Greasy, hairy hands reached out to us. The boy who grabbed me was about fifteen. It was exhilirating. My time had come.

The boy jumped off the rusty old fishing boat as we heard the splintering sound of wood bursting apart. At life jacket school, you had to be a big tough warhorse, and I yearned to be that warhorse. The water was freezing and chilly but I managed to keep him afloat for the rest of the night.

The sun slowly crept up on us and made the water shimmer. The strange thing was that I could sense no pulse and my charge wasn’t moving a muscle. I ignored the fact that maybe he was dead as helicopters hovered above us. A man on a rope furiously scrambled down and delivered us up into the helicopter. The noise was deafening.

We were up on the helicopter as we were thrown down onto the other life jackets, some ripped, torn and bloodstained. My charge was on a table as tears streamed down the men’s faces. The person who came down the helicopter rope yelled out, “Clear!”

We were whisked off to the awaiting ground team. I felt very relieved I had done my job. Looking around me I witnessed more emotions than I care to speak of.

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What Readers Had To Say


Cheesy Mouse
14 Mar 10 00:54:57

Very good story! I like the way you interpreted the life jackets feelings.