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How To Write A Story

By Cortex

There is more than one way to write a story and this is one of them.

Things you need.
Pencil, paper, ideas.

  1. Ideas. Think up a topic and then write down all your ideas. You can brain storm (draw a cloud, put all of your ideas around it and put lines to the cloud), talk to someone, or research using books or the internet.
  2. Now you need to refine your ideas, choose the ideas that are most suitable to use for your topic.
  3. Planning. Write down all of your ideas in a list. This list could be short and simple or long and complicated depending on what topic you choose or how much planning you like to do.
  4. Now just write down all of your ideas in a story. It doesn’t matter if you think a word isn’t sophisticated enough you can change it while editing. If you get stuck on ideas while writing you should look back at your plan. If you get stuck on ideas you could go back to your ideas stage and develop them some more.
  5. When your have finished your draft you need to edit your writing by choosing the most appropriate words and making sure it makes sense. It can be helpful to read it out loud, get someone to read it, or get someone to read it out loud to you to improve your story.
  6. You should check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. You could use a dictionary to check your spelling.
  7. Publish if you wish.

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What Readers Had To Say


9 Mar 10 15:30:01

Very well laid out but gets a bit confusing in some bits.



Cheesy Mouse
9 Mar 10 15:27:20

It's really good, well laid out and simple.