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My Holiday

By Agent JC

My family and I went to Auckland for two reasons. One, a holiday. Two, a wedding.

On the last day in Auckland, it was my cousin’s wedding. It was raining. We all sat and stood in the rain and had a tasty meal. Apart from the rain, everything went well.

At the Sky Tower, we all had time to eat at the expensive buffet. The next day, at Kelly Tarlton’s, we all had underwater fun. We have two baby cousins. We all had fun together playing with baby toys.

We went on a boat to see a pod of dolphins which swam around the boat. We had to call them to come and from far away, a whale spouted in the air.

It was a fun experience. I hope I can go there again.

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What Readers Had To Say


7 Mar 10 13:59:51

Great story. I wish I had seen the dolphins.