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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

By Cortex

Did you know that Gamma Rays can be useful? Despite the fact they can cause cancer, they are also used to kill cancer cells. Gamma Rays are part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and that is what I’m going to talk about today. I am also going to talk about the different types of rays and how they are measured.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the full range of electromagnetic waves. The smallest wavelength is 1000000000th of a millimetre and the longest wavelength is over 1500 meters long. All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light which is 300000km per second.

These are the types of waves in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Gamma Rays are the shortest rays in the Electromagnetic Spectrum but also the most powerful. They can go through solids and can kill living cells like bacteria. X-Rays are not as powerful as Gamma Rays but can go through soft substances like skin, blood, tissue and muscle, but not bones. UV Rays can cause cancer or chemical reactions. The Visible Light Spectrum is the only part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum we can see with naked eye. When the Visible Light Spectrum is split up by a prism, violet, indigo, blue, and green, yellow, orange and red are the colours you would see. Infrared Rays give out heat and Radio Rays are the longest waves in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

All waves are measured in wavelength and frequency. Frequency is measured by counting how many waves pass a point in a second. When one wave passes a point it is called a Hertz, named after the German scientist Heinrich Hertz.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is made up of five different types of waves. All waves travel at the speed of light and they are measured in Hertz. Without these waves we couldn’t survive because there would be no heat or light so nothing would be able to grow.

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