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The Defiant Passenger

By Cortex

It was chaotic. Somebody had put a banana on the railway track. We had two seconds before we crashed into a cliff. All of a sudden, we started accelerating.
‘Jump!’ I cried.
But one defiant man said, ‘Why should we?’
‘Because we’re going to smash into a cliff!’ I yelled, getting a little annoyed.
‘Then I’m not jumping!’
‘Suit yourself.’ And I jumped out.
Nobody else jumped out. Nobody else survived.
‘Those people were so arrogant,’ I thought to myself as the train exploded behind my back.
Once I had walked back to the train track, I found the culprit that had caused the calamity. It was a little dog.
‘Good boy,’ I said, because I was really an evil genius.
‘Mwah ha ha ha ha!’ I laughed.
Lightning flashed. It started to rain.

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What Readers Had To Say


Cheesy Mouse
14 Mar 10 00:33:11

He He that was a cool story. Slightly weird...