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Dear Diary

By Agent JC

In World War 2 I somehow think that someday humanity will end if we don’t stop. But all they care about is world domination. It’s like a never ending doom. Commanders forcing men to fight. Any solider who backs down will die from there own commander. As each day goes on, a pointless action begins. All I wish is to go hone to unite with my family. Everyone wants to as some surrender but they all quickly die. Medics try to help. They are useless against wounds.
As flesh rots, the souls of soldiers fly on the wind, the pointless war ended. Few made it alive. The other were buried as the remembered soldiers of war. Leaders travel to tell people of the death of their loved ones. My father? Who knows. When another war comes I’ll be ready. The war was humankind’s greatest change in history.

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