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A Letter To My Cricket Club:  a letter by JackNZ

A Normal Holiday:  a narrative by Cheesy Mouse

Bob:  a narrative by BP64

Brad the Alien:  a narrative by Cortex

Camping Tips Speech:  an explanation by Roller247

Cave Boxing:  a narrative by Ben123

Deadly:  a poem by The Bomb

Deadly Sharks:  a poem by Jackson

Dear Diary:  a recount by Agent JC

Farmer's Diary:  a recount by JackNZ

Frankenstein and Mini-Bob in the Forest of Doom:  a narrative by Buddy

Gala day:  a recount by Turtle459

Harry Potter and the Great Review:  a review by Cortex

Holly's Autumn:  a poem by Holly

How Is Natural Gas Extracted?:  an information report by The Bomb

How To Write A Story:  a procedure by Cortex

Lakes:  a poem by Cortex

Letter to KFC:  a letter by Agent JC

Life Jacket:  a narrative by Golf Geek

Mister Sandman:  a poem by Golf Geek

Mountains versus Cave:  a poem by Cookie

My Holiday:  a recount by Agent JC

My Motorbike Adventures:  a recount by Ski Field

Sam's Diary:  a recount by Cheesy Mouse

Soccer Speech:  an explanation by JackNZ

Speaking for Dummies:  an explanation by Cheesy Mouse

The Animals Escape!:  a narrative by Sam

The Defiant Passenger:  a narrative by Cortex

The Electromagnetic Spectrum:  an information report by Cortex

The New Invention:  a narrative by Black Flame

Trip to Stenson's Cave:  a narrative by Turtle459

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats:  an exposition by Holly

Woof The Dog:  a narrative by BP64