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Brad the Alien

By Cortex

‘Ow you stupid dog!’ Brad cried. ‘Why did you bump me and make me drop my cereal.’ ‘How dare you talk to me like that!’ yelled the dog.He ran over Brads foot and push the safety evacuation button.’
‘No!!!’ cried Brad as he was sucked into space.
‘Man it’s cold out here,’said Brad shivering. ‘hey look a space station I think I might steal a space shuttle.’
He started to use a breaststroke swimming motion to get to the space station. ‘Oh no I’m in orbit of Jupiter that means going through a meteor field!’
With a lot of frantic freestyle arms and legs, he managed to get to the space station. He crept past the guards and into the nearest space shuttle.
The noise of the engine woke up the guards.
‘Stop in the name of the.. the..’
‘The what?’ replied the other guard.
‘Shoot him!’ yelled the first guard.
After laughing at the simple human controls, Brad smashed through the window, climbed on top of the space shuttle, and poked his tongues out at the guards. Out of his pocket, he drew his pet boomerang.
‘Fly, boomerang, fly! Cut the wires attaching the space shuttle to the space station!’
As the boomerang flew to do its master’s bidding, the guards were still trying to find a gun to shoot Brad with. Once Brad’s boomerang cut the wires, Brad jumped into the space shuttle and they blasted off into space.
After dodging a few meteorites, Brad finally got to his own spaceship.
‘Yippee!’ cried Brad as he jumped out the space shuttle and into his own spaceship.
‘I don’t believe you pushed the safety evacuation button!’ yelled Brad at the dog. ‘You’re going to time out!’
With a swift movement, Brad ran over to his high-tech computer and typed in, Dog goes to time out. He then pressed enter, and a bubble appeared around the dog.
‘Finally!’ said Brad, because he finally had a few days of peace.

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What Readers Had To Say


Cheesy Mouse
14 Mar 10 00:43:08

It was cool. I like all the high tech stuff. Wish I had those things!



29 Nov 09 02:57:17

you story was GRATE!!!!



23 Nov 09 23:56:09

I like your story. It was a goodie.



20 Nov 09 22:05:57

I thought your story was very interesting and great fun to read. I liked how the whole story was based in space.