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If you're a Marley Perkins student, this is where you could get your work displayed.

If you're a friend or relative of a student, this is where you can check out what he or she is up to!

This is a platform for students to publish their writing, seek feedback, and be encouraged. It also provides a way for them to see a tangible result of their efforts, to validate their work, and to continually seek ways to improve.

What you see here is a range of work by a range of students at a range of stages in their learning. Some work is edited and proofread under adult guidance, while other pieces are analysed independently by the students themselves. Some work may be at a publishable standard, while other work may be difficult to read - feedback from other students helps highlight this and encourages authors to improve their skills.

The copyright of all student work shown on this site is owned by the individual authors.


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