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Speaking for Dummies

By Cheesy Mouse

Um, ah, I um, right, ah today I will, um, be, ah, speaking to, um, you about, ah, er, how to , um, articulate, how to, ah, speak , um, clearly and, um, how to be a good, ah, public speaker.

Does this sound like you? Well if it does I’m sure this speech will help.

The first thing to teach is how to articulate.
The most important thing is to pronounce the ends of your words. And don’t, for goodness sake forget your T’s, whatever you do. Oh, and your P’s and D’s and K’s.
When you are saying a word like pop or pit, tik or tok, your ends are very easy to forget.

Depending on how you say something can change its meaning.
Normally you can say the same sentence at least three different ways. For example:
“Are you afraid?”
“Are you afraid?”
“Are you afraid?”
See? Very different.
Normally if you are asking a question your voice becomes higher at the end. Like this:
“Do you want to go to the park?”
Whereas if you are surprised at something you put emphasis on the word that you are surprised at. Like this:
“Do you want to wear your pyjamas to school?”
But if you are talking to a baby people tend to just lift their voices higher then normal. Like this:
“Does the little cute thing wanna go to the park?”
If you say something the wrong way you could confuse or even offend someone.

Right, next: Fears of public speaking...
Here are some tips:
Imagine the audience are wearing underpants. This may help, or it might just make you crack up laughing.
I f you are not very good at making eye contact then focus on a point on the the back wall and look at it the whole time.
Always speak louder then you think is needed, it will help your voice carry.

Some people might say that if your not very good at public speaking then just avoid it all together but I say NO! Overcome your fears, make a fool of yourself!

So speaking pro, now you know!
You can articulate,say things without confusing people and you have overcome your fears of public speaking!
So next time you give a speech, keep these pointers in mind!

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