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Camping Tips Speech

By Roller247

Beep! Beep! Don’t you just hate having to pull over for the zillionth time, since you’re in a campervan and doing about 10km, or you forgot the sausages and your camping right next to a teenagers tent and they‘re up all night well I’m here to help you. I am going to you with those three things to help you become a better, smarter camper.

So the first thing is the campervan, the slowest nosiest motor vehicle made by man. The may have a portable fridge, table, double bed, shower and a bath. But wouldn’t you just go down the high way at the right speed in a car, then going down the high way less than half the limit, also having to pull over every minute? I would rather go in my normal car, and get to the place 2 hours before the campervan, being the cheetah rather than the turtle.

AHHHHH ! how did I forget the beer!!! AHHHH ! I forgot the BBQ and the list goes on and on. Don’t you just hate having to spend hours making a list, on what to take to have a perfect holiday? But you can’t be bothered so you just chuck everything in the car and just go. And what do you know you have forgotten things. So take time to get everything ready and you will have more fun.

You scream out at the neighbouring tent, full of drunk dancing teenagers with music at full volume. When 200 metres down the road, there is a Holiday Park called Family Bond. Also there’s five families the same as you with out huge bags under their eyes the size of the Grand Canyon. So here’s a few tips. Don’t pick the Park called PARTY EVERY NIGHT choose the FAMILY BOND PARK that take complaints in consideration. Or talk to friends on what camps they have enjoyed. So next time don’t pick the PARTY EVERY NIGHT PARK choose the sensible one.

So now you should be a skilled, smarter camper. You would choose the family car not the slowest man made machine the campervan. You will take your time with the camping gear and beer and everything else. Now you will have a better sleep and smart campers unless you haven’t been listening take my speech in consideration next time you go camping.

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What Readers Had To Say


Cheesy Mouse
23 May 10 04:51:34

He He great speech. I'm sure it will come in handy!