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Frankenstein and Mini-Bob in the Forest of Doom

By Buddy

Nobody had any idea that Frankenstein and Mini-Bob had gone missing. It wasn’t until their family realised that they didn’t come back from their holiday.
They were driving down the road in their orange car when they took a wrong turn into the forest. They didn’t realise that they took the wrong turn until it was pitch black. When they tried to turn around, the car broke down so then they lit a fire which was the wrong move. Then they heard a stick snap, then another, getting closer and closer...
There now was a vague shadow of what looked like a troll with a bow and a full quiver of arrows.
‘Aaaargh!’ said the troll.
Then the troll looked at the orange car then he started to run towards the car and picked it up and ate it. Mini-Bob and Frankenstein followed the troll to its house. Just before the troll got to its house, it dropped dead. It had choked on the steering wheel.
Another troll popped her head around the door and saw her brother dead on the ground. Beside him were two small figures. It was Frankenstein and Mini-Bob. Mini-Bob heard someone inside say ‘Any food here yet Zin?’
‘No but two humans,’ said Zin.
‘Bring ‘em in!’ they heard from inside. They looked at each other and started to sprint away from the house.
‘They’re getting away!’ yelled Zin.
They heard a bang crash! and then a family of giant trolls barged through the door. The door nearly broke off. The family of giant trolls came running at them. Frankenstein and Mini-Bob ran as fast as a cheetah back into the Forest of Doom. They hid under an elephant-like leaf.
‘I hope they didn’t see us!’ whispered Frankenstein.
They heard a crack like a twig breaking.
They thought that someone would rescue them, but did they...?
Well, it’s not called the Forest of Doom for nothing...

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What Readers Had To Say


19 May 10 02:42:02

grate intresting story



29 Nov 09 03:01:23

WHAT A GRATE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



16 Nov 09 18:11:12

awesome effort



15 Nov 09 13:32:03

I liked the ending where they didn't get rescued because it's the forest of doom.