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By BP64

At the end of Worm Road lives a forty year old man. His name is Bob. He lives in a flash mansion. He works at the New Little City museum. He looks after the famous paintings. He is a good man. He drives to work in a limo. Sometimes when Bob isn’t at work he plays badminton. He has an inside badminton court. Sometimes his friends come over and he plays badminton with them. He is a famous cook. He has a flash restaurant. He makes dessert at his restaurant. He gets lots of people in his restaurant because he makes Japanese food. He is kind to his workers.
Bob also swims in his inside pool. As well he goes Blokarting. He blokarts on his own blokarting field and he is a very good man.

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What Readers Had To Say


19 May 10 02:22:14

It was a good story I liked the flash restaurant because I like Japanese food.



10 Dec 09 23:32:50

Good story. I liked the blokart bit.