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A Normal Holiday

By Cheesy Mouse

From the moment she landed in her private jet, Miley Cyrus has always loved New Zealand.
But although New Zealand has a certain sense of freedom to it, Miley, as usual, could not have such luxury.
As she walked in the middle of 10 body guards to her shiny black limo she said, “ You know what, stuff this, I’m going to be free for once. This is my holiday, so there!”
All the body guards and thousands of onlookers gasped.
Miley kicked off her $10 000 shoes and walked barefoot to her many fans. “ Hi guys, do you mind if I squeeze in here?”
She pushed through the crowds of people all waving peices of paper and CDs for her to sign. Miley stopped, held up her hands and smiled. “ No autographs today folks! I’m on holiday!”
Just as she was getting to the back of the crowd a little girl tugged Miley’s long skirt.
“ Um, excuse me, Miley. Are you looking for a place to stay? Coz we’ve got an extra room if you like.”
“ Er, well...” Miley looked helplessly at her guards. They nodded encouragingly. Looking after Miley was a big job.
“ Ok!” She said to the girl. “ What an excellent idea!”
So, arm in arm they walked to the girl’s Land Rover. Miley enjoyed the ride tremendously.
Over the next few days, Miley continued to be pestered by and surrounded by fans.
But after a couple of weeks and after making the front cover of the newspaper several times, announcing her ‘holiday’, people seemed to get the idea.
So for once in her life Miley Cyrus had a fan free (almost), relaxing, cheap and most of all normal holiday!
Miley has loved New Zealand ever since!

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What Readers Had To Say


19 May 10 02:44:05

a really funny story about miley



20 Mar 10 01:29:40

grate peom cheesy mouse